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United Equipment's Chemical Engineer provides...

Technical Studies and Surveys: Our experts perform a wide variety of studies to assist our clients.  Often these studies are precursory in nature - used to identify or prioritize needed efforts with respect to technical projects. Preliminary designs and project estimates give management the tools they need to plan and properly allocate resources, this guarantees projects come in on time and on budget.

Environmental Efforts: Because of our concern for the environment and our knowledge of chemical processes, we are involved with numerous projects to assure economically acceptable compliance.

Project Management: The special nature of chemical projects require special expertise. This is where we shine. Assisting contractors with meeting technical requirements assures a quality project.

Equipment Design and Fabrication: Our people have wide expertise in equipment selection, sizing and fabrication - especially thermoplastics and F.R.P. (In fact, one of our innovative designs has been awarded a patent.) Studies include selecting corrosion-resistant materials.

Professional Associations: Our engineers maintain active memberships in many professional associations to keep current with emerging technologies, including: National Fire Protection Association, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, American Society of Materials, and American Water Works Association.

We focus on utilizing technology to enhance your competitive advantage in the global market place.

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