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Fiberglass Shower / Patio Liners




Let United Equipment's experts provide you with a fiberglass shower liner, giving you the option of having ceramic tile installed on top of the liner, or have us gel coat the liner to act as the actual floor of the shower.


The purpose of this method is to provide a custom one-piece watertight reinforced plastic lining for domestic bath and shower areas. It is constructed on site layer-by-layer, has fiber reinforcing for strength and, when cured, is strong and durable. It is easily overlain with ceramic tile or other decorative treatments.


The system borrows from proven boat construction methods:


The substrate is prepared with all nails and high spots driven flush, dirt and dust are removed, and cracks and sharp corners are filled and smoothed with polyester putty to a radius contour to avoid stress or any bubbles.


The area is then saturated with polyester resin, which gives excellent adhesion to wood, cement board, and many other materials.


The first layer of fiberglass “mat” is carefully applied worked into corners and overlapped into floor drains. The mat is forced down into the resin with rollers to assure complete adhesion with no air bubbles or resin-poor areas. Any joints are carefully overlapped.


Another layer of resin and fiberglass mat is then applied over the first with care to overlap underlying joints to guarantee seamless construction. The second layer is flattened tightly against the first layer, and additional resin is added as required to assure saturation with no voids or thin spots.


After hardening United Equipment recommends that shower liners be water tested before other work continues.


After testing, adhesives and decorative tile can easily be applied.


Typical construction details may be supplied to our customers.  


BEFORE - Concrete Shower Floor
AFTER - Fiberglass Lined Shower Floor

BEFORE - Fiberglass Lined Shower Floor
AFTER - Fiberglass Gel Coat Applied to Floor