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United Equipment & Fabricators' sinks are corrosion and chemical resistant. Thermoplastic construction offers surfaces smoother than steel or fiberglass, with shock-absorbing qualities that protect delicate parts even when dropped. Sinks are sturdy and maintenance-free, designed to provide years of reliable service.

RIGHT or LEFT (Right Shown)

A    24" to 96"

B    8" to 16"

C    8" to FULL WIDTH



  • Drain Location (1-1/2" Standard)
  • Strainers
  • Standpipes
  • Traps
  • Overflows
  • Mixing Faucets
  • Gooseneck Laboratory Faucets
  • HandHeld Sprayers

• PVC (POLYVINYLCHLORIDE) • AntiStick smooth surface impervious to most acids and Alkalies
• CPVC (CHLORINATED PVC) • Continuous Operating Temperature of 180 Fahrenheit 
• PP (POLYPROPYLENE) • Hot Gas Welded Construction 
• PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENE FLUORIDE) • Backsplash is 6" high 
• Other Materials Available Upon Request • Special Sizes Available Upon Request 


Representative Samples of Custom Sinks Manufactured by United Equipment